1. There is no fee to register.  In-person registration opens at 8pm on Tuesday, July 2nd, and at noon on Friday, July 6th.  Registration remains open for the remainder of the weekend.

  2. Contestants who register online must appear in person to receive their contestant number.  No exceptions.

  3. Contestants may register in only one category, and may only register in a category that corresponds to their age.  Proof of age may be required at any time.

  4. Contestants who register are the only person to use that number.

  5. Use of alcohol or drugs will result in automatic disqualification from all competition.

  6. Competition begins on Friday, July 6th, 2018 at the midnight Grand Entry.  Contestants must be in full regalia and be in the proper order in their style category and age division to receive credit for Grand Entry.  Golden Age contestants may depart the dance arena any time after their contestant number has been taken.

  7. Dance registration closes immediately at 11:59 PM on Friday, July 6th, 2018.

  8. Contestants will be judged on a point system which includes:
    a.  Three rounds of judged competition:

- Friday night, all categories

- Saturday afternoon, juniors and teens

- Saturday evening, Golden Age, senior adults, and adults

- Sunday, all categories

b.  No spot-checks or exit points;

c.  Ranking of finalists based on total judged ballots AND participation in Grand Entries, with lowering one place for each missed Grand Entry;

d.  No dance-offs.  Ties will be broken by coin toss.

9. Contestants who drop eagle feathers will be disqualified from that competition round.